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Welcome Back! - 1 September 2020

We’re thrilled that we’re reopening very soon, and we’re very excited to welcome you back to Yr Ysgwrn after so much time! Things will be slightly different for the time being, but the welcome will be as warm as ever.

We will be open on Fridays and Saturdays only, with two tours taking place every day, the  first at 11am and the second at 2pm. It’s essential that you book your tour beforehand,  either by calling or e‐mailing us. Each tour is limited to one bubble / extended household.  This will allow you to have an unique and personal experience at Yr Ysgwrn, and it means  that we’ll be able to ensure that the Welsh Government’s social distancing rules are applied  throughout your visit.

What will you be able to experience?
‐ Our experienced guides will be telling you about the history of Hedd Wyn and Yr  Ysgwrn either outside the house on inside Beudy Tŷ, depending on the weather.
‐ A chance to wander around Yr Ysgwrn, to see the Black Chair and the house where  Hedd Wyn was raised.
‐ Tea / coffee and cake (we ask you to order the cake beforehand please).
‐ Shop.
‐ Gallery, with more information about Hedd Wyn, his family, his period and the  community.
‐ Short films that convey Hedd Wyn and Yr Ysgwrn’s history in more detail.
‐ Rhos Grwm walking path.
The snug won’t be open unfortunately.

What do we ask of you?
‐ There are a number of hand sanitisers placed around the site, we ask you kindly to  use them to ensure the safety of other visitors and staff.
‐ In accordance with the Welsh Government’s policy please maintain a distance of 2  meters from members of staff, volunteers, any anyone else who is not a part of your  bubble, throughout your visit.
‐ To reduce the risk of spreading and catching the virus, we ask that you wear a mask  inside all the buildings please.
‐ We ask you kindly to not touch the objects and furniture in the house, or the panels  in the gallery or the receptions.
‐ Whilst walking to and from the house, we ask you not to go near the bungalow  wherre Mr Williams, Hedd Wyn’s nephew, lives. If your see Mr Williams out and  about on the site, please do not approach him and maintain your distance.

What will we be doing to keep you safe?
‐ Before and after every visit we’ll be cleaning the site. As we are a museum it’s  impossible to sanitise the objects in the house and the bardic chairs, so it’s  important that you do not touch them.
‐ A one way system will be in place inside all the buildings.
‐ The staff will be wearing masks inside the buildings.

If you have any coronavirus symptoms we ask that you do not visit the site please.

We look forward to seeing you soon!

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