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Get to know our staff . . . Glain - 10 May 2022

Glain is the youngest member of Yr Ysgwrn's seasonal staff, who joined the team when she was 16 years old. Born and bred in Trawsfynydd, she loves working here. Here's a little more about her.

How long have you worked at Yr Ysgwrn?

I started working here when I was in year 11 at Ysgol y Moelwyn. Before that I helped occasionally with the nature club and the art club.

I love working here and although I'm a bit younger than the rest of the staff, we're all great friends.

Do you remember the first time you came to Yr Ysgwrn?

Yes I do. I was in my final year of primary school and we came here for a tour of the farmhouse. At about the same time we were also doing a show called 'Enwog o Fri ein Hardal Ni’ for S4C, re-enacting the story of Hedd Wyn and that was probably the time that I got a better understanding of the story.

Before that, I remember looking over towards Yr Ysgwrn from the other side of the valley where we lived, and repeatedly told my family that we needed to go and see 'the Hedd Wyn place'!

What was it like to make your first guided tour?

I've done a lot of public speaking with the young farmers and that has helped a lot. But I wasn't keen on making the first guided tour of the farmhouse.

I remember it well, and I was very nervous! But it went really well and I'm still extremely grateful for the lovely people on the tour that day.

I've been absolutely fine doing the guided tours after that.

Do you have a favorite section on the tour?

One small thing I always do is close the door of the small parlor where the chair is located before the visitors arrive. I'll then start the tour in the kitchen and love seeing people's reaction when we make our way towards the small parlor. I then open the door to show the black chair for the first time. People marvel at the beautiful chair.

Are there any visitors that have stayed in your memory?

I remember one Canadian woman sitting there, making notes of everything I said ... writing it all down and asking loads of questions! She made me quite nervous.

Which story surprises most people?

I like to mention the four brothers - Efan and Bob, two of Hedd Wyn's brothers and Gerald and Ellis, who were brought up here by Hedd Wyn's mother.

People are amazed that the four brothers stayed here at Yr Ysgwrn farming until the end of their lives and that none of them went on to have children.

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